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Sale Glass Baby Bottle Wawita SHATTER RESISTANT - BPA, BPS, BPF, Phthalates FREE, 4 oz - 2 bottles bundle pack (SAVE 10%)

Glass Baby Bottle Wawita SHATTER RESISTANT - BPA, BPS, BPF, Phthalates FREE, 4 oz - 2 bottles bundle pack (SAVE 10%)


SAVE 10%

These 4 oz bottles come with small flow nipples - Please send us a message if you would like a different nipple size.

  • AS NATURAL AS BOTTLE FEEDING CAN BE – Designed with love & care, Wawita newborn baby feeding bottles have an ergonomic shape, with a super soft silicone nipple. A natural look & feel, so it’s very easy to alternate bottle feeding with breastfeeding.
  • THE LIGHTEST NURSING BOTTLE – A fantastic child proof option for babies, from borosilicate glass. The silicone shatterproof coated glass makes it easy yet sturdy, not stiff, hard & tough as glass usually feels. Almost as lightweight as plastic.
  • HOT FLUID WARNING TECHNOLOGY – Apart from being Heat & Thermal shock resistant, it has a SMART innovative system integrated. The Wawita infant feeding bottle changes color if the fluid (breast milk, formula milk, etc.) is too hot for the baby.
  • SMART ANTI COLIC VENTING SYSTEM – The wide neck & its high-quality, peristaltic nipple create a vacuum free anti colic structure. It creates the amazing, unique “Feeding like breastfeeding” comfort your adorable baby needs. Plus, a 100% hygienic cover.
  • THE SAFEST WAY TO A “FULL BELLY, HAPPY BABY” – Keep your newborn baby away from nasty chemicals. Our baby bottles are 100% harmless. We selected the finest eco-friendly materials for your peace of mind. BPA free, BPF free, BPS free. No Phthalates.

Wawita Shatter-Resistant Glass Baby Bottle

No plastic. No unsafe glass. The Silicone Film Coated Glass is the perfect choice for your child. Finally, a great glass feeding bottle:

✅guarantee your peace of mind
✅abrasion resistant
✅never risk shards of glass on the floor
✅keep your baby safe from getting hurt
✅shows the perfect temperature for any baby liquid

Yes, it indicates when the milk is too hot by changing colors! WOW!

Unique, adorable design (your baby will love it)

The Wawita feeding bottles have a cute and practical design. They come in beautiful, joyful colors so that you and your baby smile more.

BTW, our mission is the happiness of your baby. We strongly believe your baby boy or baby girl deserves the best. We only use the best materials. Plus, all is tested. A baby-safe home and a happy giggling infant are our TOP priorities.

Unlike other infant bottles, WAWITA has an advanced anti-colic venting system, directly integrated into the nipple. Specially designed to mimic breastfeeding, it eases the transition to feeding bottle. 5 nipple sizes available: 

Made of premium quality, lightweight borosilicate glass - covered by an integrated silicone layer which protects the feeding bottle from shattering, even when it breaks.

Natural, baby proof protection guaranteed!

✔️Available colors: Turquoise, pink, purple, navy
✔️BPA free, BPF free, BPS free. No Phthalates
✔️Weighs only 4 oz (much lighter than others)
✔️Anticolic silicone nipple
✔️Wide neck for easy filling and cleaning.


How does the bottle change color?

Infographic glass baby bottle color change

How does the shatter protection works?

Infographic glass baby bottle shatter protection
Weight 6.7 oz - 189 grams
Product Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 7.1 in
Colors Turquoise, Navy, Pink, Purple
Bottle size 8 oz - 240 ml
Material Type High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Material Free BPA, BPS, BPF and Phthalates Free
Dishwasher Safe Yes (Top Shelf)

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