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We know that your baby is the top priority so everything we do is with the mindset of family first. Our mission is to provide parents with safe, quality and beautifully designed baby products. We strive to help parents worry less and enjoy the little ones a whole lot more.


We are a baby product company based in San Francisco, CA. We currently provide shatter resistant, glass baby bottles. We are working on offering more baby products in the near future. Having a baby is life changing and so rewarding. There are so many changes that come with having a baby and it can be a struggle for parents to keep up with it all. That's why we put a lot of time, energy and research into the products that we offer. 


Although there are a variety of baby bottles on the market today, we saw a need for something unique and better. Everything started when I was at my friend's house watching him fill his son's baby bottle with formula when he accidentally knocked the bottle off the counter. The bottle dropped and shattered into many pieces all over the kitchen floor. At that moment, I knew that there had to be a safer and more efficient way to have a baby bottle be made out of glass. The rest is history and that is how the Wawita baby bottle was invented. We wanted to create a bottle that stood out among the rest. Safety and quality were, of course, at the top of our priority list but we also envisioned a vibrant and beautiful product design. After countless hours of research and hearing what moms had to say, our vision was brought to life! Today we are proud to provide shatter resistant glass bottles that babies love so there is no worry of shattered glass on the floor. We absolutely love hearing all the great feedback from our Wawita parents and are so excited to continue expanding our product line.


Shatter Resistant Glass Baby Bottles  

We believe it’s important to remember where you came from. The history behind our brand name comes from a Peruvian dialect called Quechua. The word Wawita translates to “little baby”. We, the founders, are originally from Peru and even though we have been raised in the United States, we wanted to find a name that tied back to our Peruvian heritage. 


We sell our products online and now we ship WORLDWIDE. Our goal is to someday see our product on shelves at the store! We are working hard to reach that goal. We will also be expanding our product line soon. Be sure to subscribe for updates on new product releases!