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Q: How do I know which nipple flow my baby needs?

A: We have created a video and a chart for your reference based on baby’s age.

Q: Will introducing a bottle cause confusion and make baby stop nursing?

A: All babies have different preferences. However, we know some of our customers both breastfeed and bottle feed with no problem. It is important to use the correct bottle nipple flow size. You should choose the size based on your child’s age.

Q:  What temperature should the contents of the bottle be?

A: Baby usually prefers warm milk if they are used to breastfeeding. The contents of the bottle should be a bit below a normal body temperature. The Wawita bottle will change color between 37-42 C° (98-107 F°) to send a warning that the contents is getting too hot.

Q: When should I introduce a bottle?

A: If you are nursing, it is recommended that you focus solely on that for the first few weeks of baby’s life to get them accustomed to it and in a routine. Once that is established, you can introduce the bottle at any time. It may be awkward at first as this is a new experience for them.

Q: What temperature should the contents of the bottle be?

A: If baby has been breastfeeding, they are used to warm milk. Before a bottle feeding, warm up the contents by running under warm water or using a bottle warmer. Pour a few drops on your wrist to test the temperature. It should be slightly warmer than room temperature. Never microwave a bottle as it can warm unevenly and be too hot for baby and microwaving breast milk breaks down the proteins and it loses some of its quality. The Wawita bottles have an amazing temperature color changing feature to help determine if the contents is too hot!

Q: How much should I feed my baby?

A: First, talk to your doctor for recommendations. There are also a lot of great resources and helpful charts online that you can use as a guideline. Check out our blog post for a helpful chart and other tips.

Q: Can I wash my bottle and breast pump parts in the dishwasher?

A: Wawita bottle parts and most brands of breast pump parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack. However, it is highly encouraged to either wash by hand to ensure all bacteria and leftover residue is removed. You may also consider steam clean bags or a bottle steam cleaner to save time.

Q: Can I put rice cereal in my Wawita bottle?

A: If your doctor has given the green light to start introducing rice cereal and purees (typically around 4-6 months) then yes. The medium and variable nipple flow rates work well with rice cereal.

Q: Is my Wawita bottle indestructible?

A: Although our bottles are made with borosilicate, shatter resistant glass, they are not indestructible so please still use caution when using our product.