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The Biggest Baby Shower Ever - Big City Moms Event
Sadie Prise
The Biggest Baby Shower Ever - Big City Moms Event

You may have been to a large expo or conference before. Maybe it was for work or maybe it’s something you signed up for based on your personal interests. There are usually lots of booths setup, free swag and people that want to network. The Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever event is unlike any other you’ve been to. There will be tons of expecting mothers ready to learn about the latest and greatest products for their sweet baby-to-be. There is just something wonderful about being surrounded by people you can relate to and the bond of motherhood is strong.

The event got its name by being exactly what it’s called – THE BIGGEST BABY SHOWER EVER! The best part is you don’t have to go through all the steps of picking out items for your baby registry. You simple get to show up and try out the latest baby gear all while making some new friends. Not only do you get to try the new gear but you also get to talk to the brand reps and make sure what you take home will meet all your needs. You can use discount code WAWITA to save $15 or the first 5 people who sign up using code 1WAWITA get complimentary admission! Get your tickets today!

The event also provides a seminar series to all that attend. You have the option to hear from nurses, pediatricians and parenting experts and get all the up-to-date parenting tips! When you are about to become a parent, you don’t know what you don’t know. What this means is there are so many new things involved with bringing a new baby into your life that you may feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. How can you do research on which bottle nipple flow size your baby needs if you didn’t even know there were different sizes?! We actually get this question a lot which is why we have a clear chart on our packaging and website. These are the kind of things you will be exposed to at this event. This is also why we write blog posts about things that parents may not to think to ask – check out our latest post on the not so obvious things to do before your due date!

Networking can be a term that sometimes turns people off. People hear it and may become intimidated or think of it as work. Maybe you are about to become a new mom and you strongly feel you have it all figured out and you don’t need the help. Well, you don’t have to have the intentions of making “life long friends” but we would strongly encourage you to keep an open mind! All the social media platforms available today allow people to form bonds and relationships all across the world. Think of the social medias you have. You likely don’t have a consistent, in-person relationship with EVERYONE you follow. You may have searched hashtags/boards/groups – whatever your thing is – to find people to follow that inspire you or help you in some way. This event can be a little bit of both! You can meet other expecting parents and then keep in touch with them after via social media or email. The best of both worlds, because let’s be honest – it would be slightly concerning if you had ONLY virtual friends.

If those aren’t enough reasons to attend this event then we will seal the deal right here by informing you that there will be prizes. Not just any small prizes – but like, AMAZING prizes! We’re talking strollers, car seats, high chairs, you know, the big stuff that nobody wants to buy but you have to because you need it. 

So why are we sharing all of this with you? We are so excited to be a part of the next upcoming event in San Francisco! We will have a booth setup so that moms and dads can come and see for themselves what makes our bottles unlike any other on the market today. If the beautiful colors we offer don’t catch your eye then you will definitely be hooked once you feel how lightweight and easy to grip our glass bottles are. We are firm believers in putting family first and we wanted to create a product that was safe for baby and easy for parents. Check out our story on how we got started.

There are many reasons why we think glass bottles are more desirable and safer for baby. Life is hard enough when you are new, exhausted parents so we didn’t want there to be any worry of dropping the glass bottle and having glass shards everywhere. That’s why we made sure our glass bottles are shatter resistant! They also have a feature that changes the color of the glass when the liquid is too hot for baby. If you will be attending the San Francisco event, please come say hi to us! Look for Wawita Baby Products! We would love to meet you. Even if your intent is to mainly breastfeed, you will still want to invest in great bottles. If you do your research, you can enjoy nursing AND bottle-feeding your baby without causing nipple confusion.

If you would like to know more about this event or any other upcoming events in your area, go check out their website. They also have other great resources and their own blog! The blog has all kinds of different authors sharing their unique perspective on parenting. Check out their Instagram too. They have some pretty entertaining parenting humor. If you aren’t a mom quite yet – you will get these jokes once you become one! We promise.

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