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BLOG — postnatal fitness

Top Mom Blogs You Must Check Out!

Sadie Prise 1 Comment
Mothers are some of the strongest, amazing, inspiring and most influential people ever! They literally grow tiny humans – that’s incredible. Becoming a mom is one of the most scary and exciting things you will ever do. You are taking on the responsibility of another little life and that is not an easy task! You will be their voice, their comfort...
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Mommy & Me Workouts - 5 Postnatal Exercise Tips

Sadie Prise 1 Comment
Co-authored by Heidi Hayes & Sadie Prise Remember that one time when you had all that free time, you know - the glory days where you could sleep in, drink (HOT) coffee, shower, go to yoga on Saturdays mornings and work on that 6-pack. Having a new baby changes EVERYTHING and sometimes we just get so busy taking care of everyone else we forge...
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