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BLOG — kids

10 Things to do Before Having Children

Sadie Prise
This article was co-authored by Johanna Kitzman & Sadie Prise It feels like the second you get married people are eagerly asking, "so when are you having kids?!" Wow - give me a minute! It seems like most couples get pressure from friends, especially those who already have kids, and family. Those parents who are so excited to become grandpar...
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23 Cheap or Free Summer Activities for Kids

Sadie Prise
We all want to beat the summer heat without breaking the bank. I live in Wisconsin where the winters are LONG so we are so ready to get out and enjoy the nice weather when it finally arrives. In my experience, children are easily entertained. They find delight in the little and simple things. People joke that kids have more fun with the box that...
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