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BLOG — first time mom

Decisions to Make Once You Find Out You're Pregnant

Sadie Prise
I feel like becoming a parent has included more decision making than ever before! And they are important decisions since it now involves your child. I currently have a one year old and a baby on the way. I am one tired Mama but I have more decisions to make!  Now that I have been through the process of being pregnant and bringing home new baby o...
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10 Tips for Morning Sickness

Sadie Prise
They say that every pregnancy is a little different. So far, my second pregnancy feels exactly like my first. I have some crazy morning sickness which seems to last all day and through the evening. I reached out to my network of moms and did some research to find out some helpful tips to beat morning sickness. Ginger Ale - there is something a...
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Babylist - The Ultimate Baby Registry

Sadie Prise
Shopping or registering for new baby is fun and exciting! It's the part in the pregnancy process that can really start to makes things feel REAL! Once you start picking out tiny little socks and adorable outfits, you will start to imagine the day you can finally bring home new baby! I spent so much time deciding on which baby outfit I would pack...
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15+ Creative & Modern Nursery Theme Ideas

Sadie Prise
There are so many fun and creative nursery theme ideas today! With platforms like Pinterest and other social medias, it is fun to get ideas and inspiration. Some parents go all out decorating the nursery for new baby. There are some timeless themes and some very creative and modern themes. If your baby's due date is fast approaching and the nurs...
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