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BLOG — first time dad

Dads Don't Babysit, They Parent

Sadie Prise
I am guilty of asking my husband if he would "babysit" our child while I went out to run some errands. It's not babysitting if you're the parent! Mothers get a ton of praise when they enter into motherhood. I had so many people cheering me on and lots of resources while I was learning how to be a mom. When my husband started to open up about som...
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15+ Creative & Modern Nursery Theme Ideas

Sadie Prise
There are so many fun and creative nursery theme ideas today! With platforms like Pinterest and other social medias, it is fun to get ideas and inspiration. Some parents go all out decorating the nursery for new baby. There are some timeless themes and some very creative and modern themes. If your baby's due date is fast approaching and the nurs...
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