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BLOG — baby girl

Decisions to Make Once You Find Out You're Pregnant

Sadie Prise
I feel like becoming a parent has included more decision making than ever before! And they are important decisions since it now involves your child. I currently have a one year old and a baby on the way. I am one tired Mama but I have more decisions to make!  Now that I have been through the process of being pregnant and bringing home new baby o...
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What I Learned in the First Year of Motherhood

Sadie Prise
Motherhood is a wild and wonderful journey that no amount of articles could have fully prepared me for. I feel like I have learned so much in a short amount of time. I'm not even sure how I kept up. I guess sometimes I didn't keep up. There were a few meltdowns. There were a few moments of not feeling adequate or good enough. As I look back on t...
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5 Meaningful Things You Can Do Now For Your Child's Future

Sadie Prise
When people say children grow up so fast, they aren't kidding! I had my first child last summer and he will celebrate his first birthday in less than a month. It's crazy. This first year has been a blissful blur. Motherhood is magical but I think it goes by so fast because we are constantly trying to figure out how to care for this little one in...
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