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Dads Don't Babysit, They Parent
Sadie Prise
Dads Don't Babysit, They Parent

I am guilty of asking my husband if he would "babysit" our child while I went out to run some errands. It's not babysitting if you're the parent! Mothers get a ton of praise when they enter into motherhood. I had so many people cheering me on and lots of resources while I was learning how to be a mom. When my husband started to open up about some of his feelings, I decided that I was going to cheer him on and praise him. I didn't think he needed it at first but turns out he did! 

Our biggest struggle as a married couple, and new parents, was that parenting became a competition. I am not sure how or why. But it got to the point where if one of us was frustrated or needed a break, the other would start pointing out all the things they did for baby that day. 

In our recent quarrels, we agreed that we didn't have to rattle off the list of chores we completed to "win". Simply ask for help in a tone without resentment. Instead of glaring over my shoulder at my husband relaxing on the couch at the end of the work day and wishing that my chores were all done so I could relax too, I will think of all the things he has done for the family that day. And don't forget to cheer him on! 

Here's a perfect example. The other evening, I was feeling exhausted from a long work week and had many things to do that evening. Instead of commencing the nagging, I told my husband that he did such a wonderful job building a play/reading nook. I told him now every time I walk in the nursery, it makes me smile. I then asked if he could just help me pick up the clutter quick as it would really help me and he had no problem pitching in! 

So, instead of counting all the reasons your exhausted, start being thankful for all the ways that your partner helps you on the parenting journey! Here are some great reasons to cheer dad on:

They are always so good at making the kids laugh.


They aren't afraid to be silly.


They treat their daughters like princesses.





How can you cheer dad on? Even if they seem tough, some kind words can really make a difference. For more ideas, check out our other post on great ways to encourage a new Daddy

*Daddy tip of the day* a great way for Daddy to bond with new baby is to do some feeding. There are great bottles designed to allow parents to easily alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding baby. I know you love that breastfeeding bond, Mama, but let Dad have a turn bottle feeding! It's a pretty cool experience for them.

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