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5 Creative Gift Ideas for New Mommy
Sadie Prise
5 Creative Gift Ideas for New Mommy

I like giving gifts much more than I enjoy receiving gifts. I find joy in picking out something special for someone when I know it will help them out or simply make them smile. Before becoming a mother myself, I didn't really have a clue what to buy a new mommy. I would usually just pick something off the registry and get them a card. There are so many cute baby outfits but sometimes I didn't know the gender or if the style I picked out would match the parents' taste.

Now that I'm a mom myself, I have a much better idea of thoughtful gift ideas for a new mom. When I had my baby shower, I received so many heart felt gifts and wonderful items I didn't even know I needed at the time! I didn't register so it was a full on surprise. If you are looking for a great registry, check out Babylist! If you have no clue what a new mommy needs, I also created this helpful newborn essentials list.

I've put together a list of gifts that I have received as a new mom or would have loved to have gotten! There are so many fun and creative gift ideas so hopefully this list helps get you started.

  • New Mommy Bundle - This set comes with color-changing, shatter-resistant glass feeding bottles for baby. Yes, that's right - THEY CHANGE COLOR. It's not just a cool feature for looks, it's actually a safety feature that warns when the contents is too hot for baby. I went through so many poor quality, plastic bottles that leaked and didn't flow well until I found these Wawita bottles. Trust me, this is a gift for mom in that these will make life easier and will allow Daddy to help with feedings every now and then!
  • My First Year Box - this is a unique monthly subscription box that will send you props for baby photos. I know this sounds so cliche but babies grow SO FAST. It feels like my son just grew and started walking right before my eyes. I was looking at his newborn photos the other day and couldn't believe how small he was. I'm happy I took lots of photos each month.
  • The Mommy Pockets Box - this is a beautiful monthly subscription box catered to mothers. It promotes self care and emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself. A portion of each box goes to a great cause. The contents of the box are made of amazing items from small shops and there is a new fun theme each month. You can do a one time gift or set up a monthly plan and the prices are very reasonable.
  • Massage Gift Card - if you know the person well enough and know they like massages, consider getting a new Mommy a massage gift card. As a new mom, your body goes through all kinds of aches and pains like you wouldn't believe from all the nursing, bending and twisting to pick up new baby.
  • Matching Mommy/Baby Attire - Before baby, a woman plays many roles. Maybe roles such as a wife, sister, college student, or even a boss. When becoming a mother, you take on this new role that takes over your entire life and starts to change you and define you. It's kind of amazing to play the role of mom. There are tons of adorable clothes that allow you to proudly showcase you now play the role of MOM! Get a new mommy some fun clothing or accessory to match their little one.

On a more sentimental note, some of the greatest gifts I have received as a new mother weren't gifts at all. Or at least, they weren't material items. They were words of encouragement and time given. 

The first few months of motherhood brought me to my breaking point. The struggles of motherhood are real. I didn't think I would ever get to that point, but I did. I was a strong, independent woman and felt like I could do anything before baby. When baby came along, I felt so overwhelmed by the sleepless nights and constant feeling of someone needing me. Also, I wasn't taking care of myself because I was putting everything into my family as I thought I should be. 

Some of the greatest gifts consisted of my mother telling me I simply had to take care of myself. Easy to say, right? But the words that she used really resonated with me because she told me she wished someone would have told her that it was okay to take breaks every now and then and take care of herself. She didn't for years and that was hard.

Another great gift was when I took the day off of work, dropped my son off at daycare and spent the day with my best friend. Did I have "mom guilt" about that? Absolutely. I felt bad for taking time for myself at first but looking back, it was a much needed day. Fortunately, we absolutely LOVE our child care provider so I didn't have too much guilt and worry. My best friend and I spent the whole day together just doing simple and silly things. We ate delicious food, we went thrift store shopping and we just hung out. It was simple and fun. It felt like old times again and it made me feel like I could take a breath and think of myself.

The last gift that will forever be in my heart are words from my husband. He is a stoic, no-nonsense kind of guy. He says it like it is and doesn't always have a way with words or displaying empathy. I was having a hard day feeling exhausted with my nocturnal newborn and endless to-do list and he told me I was "Mamazing". Meaning, I was an amazing Mama. I don't know if he was just being silly or if he sensed that I needed some encouragement that day but I will never forget his words. We eventually got our little one to sleep through the night and things feel a little more "normal" these days. And, although my husband is so stoic, he has feelings too and also needs encouragement from me every now and then. Don't forget the dads!

What was your favorite new-mommy gift? Did you ever get a creative gift for a new mommy? Remember, when you want to do something nice for a new mom - a simple act of kindness or words of encouragement goes a long way!

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