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10 Tips for Morning Sickness
Sadie Prise
10 Tips for Morning Sickness

They say that every pregnancy is a little different. So far, my second pregnancy feels exactly like my first. I have some crazy morning sickness which seems to last all day and through the evening. I reached out to my network of moms and did some research to find out some helpful tips to beat morning sickness.

  1. Ginger Ale - there is something about the bubbly fizz that soothes my nausea. I never really drank soda before being pregnant but now I am craving the fizz. Ginger ale, seven up or flavored carbonated waters seem to help. Many woman say it becomes hard for them to drink plain water so this will keep you hydrated - especially if you are throwing up.
  2. Mint - you can try mints as this is a natural remedy to help with nausea. You can also try carrying a bottle of peppermint essential oil with you. Even just smelling that can help with an upset stomach. Another symptom of pregnancy is heightened sense of smell so I have been putting a drop of peppermint oil under my nose and then I smell that and not everything else.
  3. Tums - these are easy to carry with you and save them for later in your pregnancy when you might have acid reflux. I had that pretty bad in my third trimester. There is a myth that if you experience that then your baby likely will be born with a lot of hair. That was true for me!
  4. Toast - plain toast will help when your appetite comes back temporarily. It is filling enough but still light.
  5. Popsicles - you can make or buy real fruit popsicles. These will help you stay hydrated and give you some nutrients. A lot of women crave ice and cold things so this will be a nice treat.
  6. Vitamin B6 - talk to your doctor before taking this. This is a daily vitamin that my doctor recommended to me to help with the nausea. I take two a day.
  7. Sea bands - these are bands that go around your wrists. They have a little plastic ball on each that you position on the inside of your wrist. It is supposed to put pressure on a point that will help with the nausea. They seem to work for me. I wear them during the day and take them off at night.
  8. Potatoes - between my roller coaster appetite and upset stomach, I have been craving potatoes. I had a small bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner with a little butter and it was the most food I have kept down in days. Try to eat things that are light and go easy. If you try to force yourself to eat, it may not end well.
  9. Eat what sounds good to you - here are some other random but good suggestions that friends have shared with me: watermelon, soft pretzels, saltine crackers, mint tea, plain bread, bagels. I felt really guilty at first because I was hardly getting nutrients to my tiny, growing baby. I would force myself to eat salads and proteins and just ended up losing it all. 
  10. Try to have a good attitude. My first pregnancy I was completely miserable and bummed about feeling so sick. With my second pregnancy, I am trying as best I can to keep a positive attitude through it. Some women never get to experience carrying a child so if I am feeling really bad I try to focus on being thankful. Also, the nausea seems to go away right when the second trimester begins.

So hang in there! I know it's hard. I am approaching week 8 and feel so nauseous and tired. Make sure you have a good support system and take care of yourself. If you are going to be a first time Mama - congratulations!!! This is a life-changing and exciting time. 

If you are already a Mama - my condolences. Just kidding :) I have a one year old son and chasing after him when I am tired and nauseous has been challenging. The good thing is his little belly laughs and smiles make me feel better and I remember this will all be worth it. It is kind of a bummer when I am ready for bed by 6pm and then I remember, "oh wait, I have a one year old. I can't just go to bed right now." Ha!

Do you have any other tips or tricks that are helpful for morning sickness? How do you get through it? It definitely helps to reach out to your support network for advice when you are going through tough times. When I posted about my morning sickness on social media, a blogger reached out to me with a post that helped a lot. Check out Lena's story on how she beat morning sickness. Maybe you are one of those women who are truly glowing and don't experience many symptoms. Lucky you! Whatever your journey has been - it's yours and it's amazing! Good luck to you!

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